Gilluly IT Services LLC is a small-town and part-time computer repair business based out of Belmont, NY. We also provide services to the nearby towns of Scio, Wellsville, Belfast, and Angelica.

As of 5/20/2023, Gilluly IT Services has joined the IONOS Agency Partner program, to provide web design and hosting solutions to individuals and small businesses.

IONOS - Official Partner

About the owner

Dilan Gilluly is an expert in many different disciplines of computing, expertise among a growing list of topics, including:

  • Computer Operating Systems
    • Microsoft Windows, from Windows 95 to 7/10/11
    • Linux, Ubuntu 8.04+ and Fedora 36+
  • Networking
    • Ethernet terminations
    • RG-6 terminations
    • Configuring network equipment, home routers and Unifi
  • Websites
    • Wordpress configuration
    • Hugo static site generator

Outside of computers, Dilan’s hobbies include mountain biking, collecting music, and volunteering (Events and activities hosted by Genesis Bible Church, Belmont Legion Post 808, and the SPCA Serving Allegany County)